The Academy The Intaglio Engraver Academy (IEA) has been developed as THE solution to the disappearance of intaglio skills due to the introduction of new technology. Engravers around the world recognize and support its role. A wonderful facility has been developed in Urbino, Italy, paying tribute to the intaglio tradition. Master engravers from around the world share their skills, knowledge and experience through the academy. The IEA can accommodate up to 7 students at any one time. We have intentionally limited student intake to facilitate a more intimate and focused learning environment. We recognise that learning the art and science of intaglio engraving requires absolute concentration and time. The IEA provides the ideal learning experience through a combination of expert tuition, dedicated staff, latest technology and of course, the artistic inspiration that comes from studying in such a special cultural site.
Student workstations have been designed by a Master Engraver and meticulously built by craftsmen to create an optimized workspace for student engravers. All worktools and materials for hand engraving tuition have been selected for their quality and to give the student the best chances for success in their exercises. Students will also learn about the alternative digital engraving technologies and perform learning exercises using the major digital technologies that are present at the IEA. A proof printing facility will allow the students create impressions of their artwork on site without any delays, enabling their teacher or themselves make revisions to engravings and test alternative approaches and styles. Students following certain training modules at the IEA will also enjoy the unique opportunity to gain a holistic view on intaglio and banknote design in general. Some of our programmes involve travelling to banknote industry technology development centres and spending time with the inventors of the technology that engravers use every day. This will enrich the learning experience as the student begins to understand not only how engraving works but why certain tools and technology have been developed. Relationships formed during these periods of travel will provide an invaluable contact network for engravers once they return to their home country and begin intaglio design work for real projects.
Where Art Drives Technology
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