Training Courses // Modular Training The Intaglio Engraver Training Programme has been built on a modular architecture to enable engravers possessing different skill levels (or none at all) to learn and develop at a pace that is suitable to them and is complementary to their existing workload at the central bank of banknote printing works. In recognition of the fact that many intaglio engravers will not have the opportunity to leave their employment for a lengthy period of time in order to pursue additional training, a modular approach allows the engraver to enjoy focused and intense training periods with minimal impact on current projects. This modular approach provides the best of both worlds, giving the engraver the freedom to choose specific subjects and areas of interest where he/she would like to improve his/her knowledge and skills. The engraver can plan his/her project workload accordingly and attend these modular training sessions while still working on active projects for his/her employer. Why Choose a Modular Training Approach? Following close liaison with intaglio engravers, central banks and banknote printers we have designed a modular training structure allowing engravers enjoy all the positive aspects of regular training without the typical downsides such as long periods of absence from the workplace. Engravers can choose to attend a 2-8 week modular course at a time that corresponds to their availability without any interruption or delays in current engraving projects. The Modular Training Courses are extremely focused and designed to impart a maximum level of practical information, techniques and knowledge in a compressed period of time. The engraver will receive direct and efficient training on the subjects of interest to him/her and no time will be lost covering irrelevant issues. A degree of customisation is also possible upon request from the engraver. *NB The IEA can also provide a short Intaglio Ink Technology Training Module based on customer’specific needs at the SICPA facility in Lausanne, Switzerland. IEA Modular Training
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