Philosophy & Objectives The IBDA Intaglio Engravers Training Programme aims to achieve the following objectives Preserve and protect the current base of hand engraving skills, knowledge and techniques for future generations. Ensure that all intaglio engravers understand and are competent in the fundamentals of intaglio artwork preparation, sketching, hand engraving and the intaglio printing process before adopting the newer digital techniques. Give engravers the necessary basis to enable them to fully exploit new engraving technology and push this technology to the limit. Enable new engravers to learn and develop a comprehensive set of engraving skills in a structured and controlled environment. Enable existing engravers to improve and perfect their engraving techniques and capacity to manage an intaglio design project from beginning to end. Enable existing master engravers pass their knowledge and skills onto the new generation of engravers. Train the masters and teachers of the future. Foster and support intaglio design creativity, individuality, personality and style. Support the banknote industry as a whole by ensuring consistency and excellence in intaglio design.
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An introduction to the Intaglio Engraver Academy by Bruno Cerboni Bajardi,  IEA Programme Director