The Students Since opening its’ doors in 2012 the IEA has welcomed over 10 students from all over the world. Here are some of their stories:
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Robert Cook Note Printing Australia “Central Banks and Bank Note Printing institutions that employ not only engravers but designers also, have an obligation to support skills and competencies to maintain the high standard of print and design we see on Bank notes. The IEA has provided a great facility for institutions to utilize in support and development of Intaglio engravers and therefore optimizing the quality of their product.”
Juan Pablo Romo Banco de Mexico “Today’s mentality tends to focus a lot on meeting deadlines. This is true of all aspects of the industry, including production and training. While this focus in understandable and necessary, it often causes a detriment in the length and quality of the training a new engraver goes through, and this in turn means that the quality of his work will not be as high as it could be. The Intaglio Engraver Academy has changed that.”
Sarah Lazarevic IEA Scholarship Student, France “The IEA training programmes offer a unique quality of training, enabling the student to follow a Master Engraver on a day-by-day basis. The programme also enjoys strong industry links, giving the student a solid professional outlook for the future. The IEA training programmes give students the time to acquire this precious know-how where the student is constantly challenged and inspired to meet the highest of expectations.”
Catalina Cruz Casa de Moneda, Colombia “Working with people who are completely passionate about engraving, is inspiring. Even if they know already everything there is to know, like Bruno, or if they are on the way to it, like Sarah and Juan Pablo. The ambiance of the academy helps you to feel more at ease while learning. It is good to be able to share with the other students and see their progress, even if they are in a much more advanced level. It helps to see where yoe going to go after a few more months or even years... towards the future.”