Sergio Pilosio (Argentina) KBA-Notasys
Thomas Hipschen (USA) IBDA
Bruno C. Bajardi (Italy) IEA // KBA-Notasys
Gunnar Nehls (Sweden) Crane Currency
Jorge Peral (Canada) Canadian Bank Note Co
Dr. Fausto Giori (Switzerland) IEA General Director
The Teachers The IBDA Intaglio Training Programme enjoys the participation of the world’s finest Master Intaglio Engravers such as:
In addition to these Master Engravers a floating group of 4-5 visiting teachers has been assembled with expertise in specific domains such as:  Optimal integration of security features using intaglio  Intaglio and machine readability  Intaglio and durability  Intaglio and public recognition/perception  Intaglio and windows, micro-optics, OVD’s and wide-threads  Next generation intaglio features (FIT, CTiP, Engraver, etc.) We are extremely proud to announce that Dr. Fausto Giori, one of the founding fathers of and drivers behind evolution in intaglio technology over the past five decades, is General Director of the Intaglio Engraver Training Programme. Dr. Giori will supervise all academic instruction, course content, Master Engraver participation and of course, student progress throughout the training cycle.  
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