Why an Academy? The IBDA recognised the concerns of intaglio engravers in 2010 and immediately created the Intaglio Engraving Working Group (IEWG) and organised the 2011 Intaglio Engravers Summit in Budapest, Hungary. The event concluded with the signing of the Intaglio Engravers Charter by leading actors in intaglio engraving. A set of commitments were made to ensure a sustainable evolution for intaglio engraving before it is too late. During this event the following challenge was issued to the IBDA: Who will preserve the art of hand engraving for the future? The IBDA quickly reacted by bringing together intaglio experts from around the world and drawing upplans to create the Intaglio Engravers Academy that would be: Developed & run by intaglio engravers An industry-wide initiative Driven by IBDA & Partners Supported by central banks/banknote printers Preserve and support the art of hand engraving Provide foundations for digital engraving Support current engraver population Develop future engraver population Ensure the long-term use of intaglio in banknote In 2012 a new chapter is being written in the history book with the opening of the Intaglio Engraver Academy (IEA) in Urbino, Italy. Students at the IEA will follow one or more modules of the Intaglio Engraver Training Programme, which has been developed in a modular fashion to enable entry for engravers at any level to perfect their skills. A comprehensive training programme covering all skill levels has been developed by some of the worlds leading Master Engravers under the supervision of Dr. Fausto Giori, General Director of the IEA. The Intaglio Engraver Academy has been developed as THE solution to prevent the imminent disappearance of intaglio engraving skills. Engravers around the world recognise and support its role. A wonderful facility has been developed in a site paying tribute to the intaglio tradition. Master Engravers have offered to share their skills, knowledge and experience through the academy. There is no shortage of applicants from existing engravers wishing to improve and a new generation of young beginners. The Intaglio Engraver Academy is not just about preserving a tradition. It is about building a stronger and better future. The only challenge is financial and this is just one project where The Intaglio Fund can help.
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