How You Can Help Us? We recognise that the IEA can only succeed in its mission and achieve its objectives with the collective support of all actors in the banknote community including: Central banks Banknote Designers Banknote Printers Banknote Industry Suppliers Banknote Technology Developers The IEA & the IBDA are based on an equitable partnership between all the above actors in the pursuit of preserving and improving excellence in intaglio. This involves teaching engraving skills, sharing know-how and ensuring the optimal application of new technology within the scope of intaglio designs. Our objectives are essentially the same as yours. We provide a valuable link in the chain of banknote security and integrity. However, as part of a non-profit making association, we depend on the financial support, donations and sponsorship by industry actors in order to survive and continue or work. An investment in the IEA will deliver returns for your organisation and the banknote community as a whole. Examples of such returns on investment include: Opportunity to nominate your own engraver/student to participate in IEA Possibility to propose specific projects for a student and receive Master Engraver supervision A guarantee of well-trained intaglio engravers for the future  Certainty that the student is up to date on the latest intaglio engraving techniques and technologies Absolute assurance that your nominated engraver/student will receive the highest level of training You can choose to support the IEA via any of the following options: PARTNERSHIP DIRECT FINANCIAL SUPPORT By chosing to make a direct financial donation you will become an IEA Partner. Your donation will be used to maintain and support the running of the IEA in Urbino, Italy. Amount: To be decided by donor   SPONSORSHIP DIRECT STUDENT NOMINATION By choosing to sponsor a student at the IEA you have the right to nominate a student of your own choice (existing engraver/beginner) for a specific training programme and you will assume the cost of the associated training fees for the full duration of the prescribed training period. Your sponsorship will cover all academic fees associated with the students training at the IEA. The Sponsor may wish to complemement the academic sponsorship with a contribution towards other student living expenses during the training activity. Organisations choosing this option may wish to secure an assurance from the student that they will work for the Sponsor for a minimum period of time as counter-payment for the sponsorship. Amount: Euro 30,000 - 45,000 per year (depending on course selected) SCHOLARSHIP FULL STUDENT GRANT By choosing the Engraver Scholarship Programme you will participate in a collective programme whereby your financial contribution will allow you to offer a full scholarship to a student from a panel of successful IEA applicants who have been approved by the IEA Academic Council. The scholarship will carry your organisation’s name and cover all costs for the student (academic fees and living expenses). You have the right to request a guaranteed period of work from the student (after completion of the training) for your organization as counter-payment for the scholarship. Amount: Euro 45,000 - 60,000 per year (depending on course selected)
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